About Us

Carlo Marinaro (Proprietor and Manager) Carlo got his start in the culinary world at the age of 9 as the son of a master macellaio(butcher) in Miglionico, Italy. At 17 years old he migrated to the United States with his family in search of a better opportunity. Equipped with the skills his father taught him Carlo started working at some of NYC’s finest meat markets. In only a few short years his passion for food pushed him to do more. With titles such as executive chef and master pizzaiolo his culinary versatility has brought him to where he is today. With over 30 years in the industry, “There hasn’t been a palette yet I haven’t been able to appease.” From Italy to NYC and now the Hudson Valley, please come join Carlo at his newest and latest endeavor… Carlo’s Trattoria!

Antonio Marinaro (Proprietor and Executive Chef) Antonio has become a self taught sensation in the restaurant world. Beginning at the age of 13 as a food runner he quickly moved on to sous chef but had a willingness to accomplish much more. Spending months in some of Italy’s finest culinary regions, Antonio brought back with him traditional recipes and cooking styles. With his skills and twist to old world Italy he has only just begun to etch his name in the culinary world.

Abel Cortez (Chef and Kitchen Manager) Abel’s skills have far exceeded most in his term as a chef. From a small town in Puebla, Mexico he grew up as the son of a farmer. At 19, his first job in a restaurant was working for Carlo as kitchen helper. With no experience in a kitchen and only what he learned from working the farm, Abel quickly climbed the culinary ladder. With over 15 years of experience and a South American influence in his culinary repetiore, Abel has become a distinct and inspiring chef. There is not one place in a kitchen he is unfamiliar.

Peter Marinaro (Proprietor and Chef) Peter hit the ground running and has yet to slow down in the restaurant world. An aspiring chef always looking to try something new and do more. Alongside his father and brother, what he has accomplished in such short term in the restaurant industry is phenomenal. “We grew up in this business, my brother, my sister; we were always in the restaurant, it was our 2nd home.” With his culinary abilities and ingenuity for design, Peter’s journey has just begun in the restaurant world.